Training System Analysis for Product Owners

Agile Scrum describes what a Product Owner should do, but hardly touches on how a Product Owner could do his or her work. The role of Product Owner has several similarities with the role of a System Analyst that may or may not be part of the development team.

In this training you will learn about best practices, models and techniques used by system analysts that have proven valuable to Product Owners. As a participant you will be presented  the responsibilities, activities and tasks of the System Analyst that are useful in your own area.  You will learn several useful practices. You will learn how to place these practices in the Agile Scrum process.


This training is suitable for

  • Product Owners who work in complex projects who need in depth knowledge about managing the product
  • System Analysts who are part of a Scrum team and want to learn how to fit their work in an Agile Scrum approach


After finishing the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Apply several System Analysis techniques
  • Describe how these techniques are related to their role as Product Owner;
  • Know when to apply these practices in the development process;
  • Know how to work together with a dedicated System Analyst.


The following subjects will be discussed and worked on:

  1. Context and Tooling
    • Definition of Requirements Management
    • Position of Requirements Management within the Agile Scrum process
    • Relation of Requirements Management with the Product Owner role
  2. Product Management techniques
    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Fishbone diagram
    • Execute Feature Workshops
    • Create a product statement / vision
    • Gain agreement
    • Define system boundaries
    • Non functional requirements
  3. Product Management done Agile
    • Guidelines for Agile Requirements Management
    • Information radiators to use with Requirements Management
Duration:1 days from 09:30 till 17:00 hours
Minimum Requirements:
  • Scrum Primer
Materials: All materials will be available in English.
  • Presentations
  • Exercises
  • Reference Materials
Relevant for:
  • Product Owners
  • System Analysts
  • Requirements Specifiers

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